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Q35 Multi Client survey

The world’s first true Hybrid 3D acquisition.

In  2020 and 2022 Seismic Partner in collaboration with industry partners covered the Nova, Vega, Aurora, Grosbeak, Orion/Beaujolais, Gjøa, Titan and Tethys fields and discoveries.  The 2020 survey was the world’s first true Hybrid 3D acquisition, whereby ocean bottom nodes (OBN) and high-density streamer data were acquired simultaneously, resulting in significantly improved imaging.

Ultra-high acquisition specifications

The 2022 program was acquired with ultra-high acquisition specifications resulting in fold of 128 within each bin cell with size of 7.5 x 6.25m. The high fold and small bin size gave a fantastic base for data processing.

Survey size:

2020: 962 km2

2022: 420 km2

 Left: Inline showing well defined Jurassic and Cretaceous sections. Right: crossline showing well defined unconformities in Jurassic and Cretaceous sections.


2D seismic


3D seismic

Early 2000s

High-resolution 3D seismic

Early 2000s

OBN seismic


Seismic Partner acquires first ever true hybrid survey

Seismic Partner is the pioneer of hybrid seismic technique

In 2020, Seismic Partner acquired the first ever true hybrid survey, where streamer and ocean bottom nodes are acquired simultaneously.

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