Embrace efficiency with high-quality, purpose-fit ROVs


Experience a paradigm shift in node handling with our compact, lightweight nodes


Redefine possibilities with us

Experience a paradigm shift in node handling with our compact, lightweight nodes. No more reliance on bulky, expensive ROVs meant for diverse tasks. Embrace efficiency with high-quality, purpose-fit ROVs. Enjoy advantages like improved HSE, cost-efficiency, enhanced maneuverability, flexibility in vessel selection, and heightened robustness. Redefine possibilities with us.

+200 days

battery endurance



72 nodes

per pallet - Compact design


clock drift correction

Node handling

To achieve maximum efficiency with small ROVs, balancing the payload is crucial.

Our patent pending node handling tool optimally balances the ROV, enhancing efficiency and speed Additionally, our purpose-built tool not only improves maneuverability but also enabling swift and efficient pickup and placement of nodes, reducing time spent on these tasks. No need to wait for slow manipulator arms to pick up and place the nodes, used by traditional ROVs. The patent pending solution is elegant in its simplicity, but the benefits are huge.

Vessel Platform

Our innovative portable node solution and compact ROV system provide unparalleled flexibility in vessel selection.

With swift rigging and derigging capabilities, coupled with scalable adaptability, we seamlessly meet the diverse demands of any project. Our priority lies in selecting the optimal vessel, placing a strong emphasis on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) considerations, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. We adopt a strategic approach to rightsizing, ensuring a tailored fit for each project, thereby optimizing performance and resource utilization. This commitment to efficiency and customization sets us apart, guaranteeing a seamless and successful execution of underwater projects.

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