We care about QHSE

At Seismic Partner, QHSE management is a top priority. We pledge to conduct business safely and responsibly with a minimal environmental footprint. Our commitment is reinforced through our Operational Management System (OMS), fostering a continuous process of safety improvement.


Seismic Partner is devoted to delivering innovative and cost-effective subsurface data acquisition. Our global operations prioritize health, safety, and welfare, aiming for zero harm by identifying and managing hazards. We ensure safe workplaces, systems, and equipment while minimizing environmental impact. Upholding high ethical standards, QHSE dedication, and fairness with stakeholders are our core values, guided by company policies and a code of conduct.

Health and Safety

Seismic Partner prioritizes safety, health, and environmental responsibility. Committed to preventing incidents, the company ensures a secure global workplace for its employees. All employees share responsibility for safety, overseen by the CEO, who holds overall QHSE responsibility. Seismic Partner complies with laws, prioritizes employee competency in risk management, minimizes environmental impact, and constantly improves safety through communication and ongoing skill development.


Seismic Partner is a provider of high-quality seismic services and is committed to providing quality work to our customers that meets the project standards and specifications for materials, workmanship, tolerances, schedules, and services while maintaining profitability and competitiveness. 

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