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Management and Board

Seismic Partner is the pioneer of hybrid seismic technique, combining streamer and ocean bottom nodes acquired simultaneously

Per Helge Semb


Per Helge has more than 15 years of experience from the seismic industry. In PGS he held various roles within Data Processing and Multi-Client, including heading up the Multi-Client Middle East and CIS group. In his most recent role with Magseis Fairfield he was Director of Sales Europe before joining Seismic Partner. Throughout his career he has gained extensive international sales and business development experience from the seismic market in general and especially the ocean bottom seismic market.

Kristen Berli


Kristen has been working for more than 35 years in the E&P industry. In addition to extensive experience from the exploration side of various oil companies and NPD as Geophysicist and Exploration Manager, he has worked for 11 years as VP Business Development with MC PGS Europe and New Ventures. He entered the position of CEO in Seismic Partner from the position of SVP Exploration and Business Development in North Energy.

Jan Terje Ullenes

Business Development

Jan Terje worked 10 years in PGS Multi-Client in various senior sales and business development roles, including head of late sales Multi-Client Europe and head of Scandinavia Business Unit Multi-Client. Before PGS he served as CEO of Roxicon, a start-up company specializing in regional seismic data products and services. He has throughout his career worked within data, software and services for the E&P industry, in Norway and internationally.

Haakon Korshavn

Finance and administration

Haakon has extensive experience in management, finance, strategy and business development. He has served in small and middle-sized service companies in the oil and gas industry, and has held positions as General Manager, CFO, COO, consultant and investor. Haakon is entrepreneurial experienced and has established several companies and holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration.

Sander Tegle Rørtvedt

Board member

Sander is CEO and co-founder of Volere, Seismic Partner’s largest shareholder. Volere started engagement with Seismic Partner shortly after start-up. Sander has been on the Board of Directors of Seismic Partner since 2020.

Kjell Nedrebø

Board Member

Kjell is an experienced E&P business development and management professional with broad international experience. The last 20+ years Kjell has worked for Halliburton’s software and services product line, Landmark. He has held key management roles including Country Manager – Norway and General Manager – Western Europe. Kjell has experience from serving on Board of Directors in multiple E&P service companies.

Gisle Sønstabø

Board member

17 yrs varied experience in leading positions with different shipowners, with main focus on commercial tasks such as chartering, contract management, operation, technical operation including class surveys, development of newbuilds, rebuilding of existing tonnage. Also five yrs experience as a shipbroker within both Chartering and S&P.

Rune Ydstebø

Board Member

Rune Ydstebø is CEO of Sola Bredbånd, investor and founder of several companies since the late 80s. All companies founded or co-founded by Rune has been within IT. He started ID Network Stavanger in 1988, Intratec during the 90s and Cegal in 2000. Rune is one of the owners of Hausta Invest and is a shareholder in Seismic Partner and Node Partner. One of Rune’s strengths is sale, to see the good opportunities. He’s optimistic by attitude and freely spoken. Rune is politically engaged and has been a municipal council member since 2015. He’s a car enthusiast and enjoy racing.

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