unparalleled reliability and peak performance

Node technology

Seismic Partner is the pioneer of hybrid seismic technique, combining streamer and ocean bottom nodes acquired simultaneously

Node technology

unparalleled reliability and peak performance

Seisnode, crafted by geoscientists, assures unparalleled reliability and peak performance. Its unique design enables customizable node handling, perfectly aligning with diverse client requirements. With favorable specifications, Seisnode opens the door to cost-efficient node operations, offering an exceptional solution for seamless and efficient geoscientific endeavors.

+200 days

battery endurance



72 nodes

per pallet - Compact design


clock drift correction

Node specifications


330 x 90 mm

Weight in air

6.5 kg


1ms / 2ms / 4ms


8.9V/bar 2-1000Hz


3 x 14 Hz Omni


113dB S/N


1, 2, 4, or 16


200+ days

Depth Rating

1200m / 3000m with alternative housing

Clock Synchro

Pre/post deployment & data driven

Node HSE

The node prioritizes safety, adhering to stringent requirements for secure operation.

Individual battery units guarantee protection. The design includes pressure relief mechanisms to address internal pressure build-up, ensuring a secure and reliable environment. Safety is paramount in every aspect, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of users and the system.

Data Management

Seisnode transforms node management through its modular and scalable design, catering to projects of any size.

Whether handling a few hundred or thousands of nodes, its consistent performance remains unparalleled. This innovation ensures seamless scalability, making it an ideal solution across diverse project sizes.

Node logistics

Our compact node design sets new standards for logistics.

Housed in easily transportable pallet boxes, our nodes simplify logistics processes. Scale your project effortlessly to meet specific requirements. Engineered with safety at its core, our node ensures secure operations and transportation.

Node software

Experience seamless data management with Seisnode's proprietary software for time synchronization and data download.

Our user-friendly user interface ensures efficient control over the download process, delivering data in client-preferred formats. Whether on a laptop or workstation, Seisnode empowers you with reliable, adaptable solutions for optimal performance in the world of geophysics and beyond.

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