Welcoming new board members to Seismic Partner

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Gisle Sønstabø and Rune Ydstebø as new board members of Seismic Partner, as well as the welcoming of Kristen Berli as the new chairman of the board. Their extensive expertise and diverse backgrounds make them valuable additions to the company’s leadership team.

Left to right: Gisle Sønstabø; Rune Ydstebø

Gisle Sønstabø brings with him a wealth of experience, having held leading positions in various shipowners for 17 years. His primary focus has been on commercial tasks such as chartering, contract management, operations, and technical operations, including class surveys. Gisle also has five years of experience as a shipbroker, specializing in both Chartering and S&P. His deep knowledge of the shipping industry and proven track record in managing and developing fleets will undoubtedly contribute to the strategic growth of Seismic Partner.

Rune Ydstebø, the CEO of Sola Bredbånd, joins the board as a seasoned investor and successful entrepreneur in the IT sector. Since the late 80s, Rune has founded and co-founded several companies, including ID Network Stavanger, Intratec, and Cegal. He possesses a keen eye for sales and spotting lucrative opportunities. Rune’s optimism, outspokenness, and engagement in both politics and the business community make him a dynamic addition to the board. Furthermore, his passion for cars and racing demonstrates his drive and determination, qualities that will undoubtedly benefit Seismic Partner.

Seismic Partner would also like to extend its gratitude to Jan Terje Ullenes and Haakon Korshavn for their valuable contributions during their tenure on the board. Their dedication and expertise have played an integral role in the company’s growth and success. Jan Terje and Haakon will continue their vital roles within our leadership team.

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