We are an asset-light seismic company providing:

Cost effective operations through innovation. Sustainability through rightsizing.

Combining Seisnode technology with operational innovation

Office Relocation

Seismic Partner's Stavanger office has recently moved into new premises in downtown Stavanger. The premises are in the new K8 building, and the address is Knud Holms gate 8.

Node operation and hybrid seismic technologies

Seismic Partner is an asset-light seismic company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for the industry. Our expertise encompasses node operation and hybrid seismic technologies. With a primary focus on utilizing the advanced Seisnode node technology, we deliver exceptional results for both proprietary and multi-client projects

Through collaboration with industry partners, we drive advancements and ensure the delivery of cutting-edge solutions. Our asset-light approach allows us to offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness in meeting client needs. Seismic Partner is your trusted partner for seismic exploration, offering industry-leading expertise, innovative solutions, and a commitment to collaborative success.

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2D seismic


3D seismic

Early 2000s

High-resolution 3D seismic

Early 2000s

OBN seismic


Seismic Partner acquires first ever true hybrid survey

Seismic Partner is the pioneer of hybrid seismic technique

In 2020, Seismic Partner acquired the first ever true hybrid survey, where streamer and ocean bottom nodes are acquired simultaneously.

Cost effective OBN operations
through innovation. Sustainability
through rightsizing.

wind energy
CO2 storage
CO2 Storage
Oil and gas
Oil & gas

What industries use our technology?

Our technology is used for wind, CO2 storage, and oil and gas

OBN technology lends crucial support in hydrocarbon exploration, CO2 reservoir monitoring, and wind turbine site selection, facilitating efficiency and precision across these vital domains.

ROV solution

The cost-efficient solution for your seismic exploration operations

Our compact and lightweight nodes redefine node deployment and retrieval, unlocking new possibilities. Utilizing small ROV platforms minimizes HSE exposure, expands options, increases cost efficiency, and accelerates operations.


The cost-efficient solution for your seismic exploration operations

We are excited to offer you this high-quality seismic ocean bottom node that combines performance and affordability like never before.

With Seisnode’s impressive battery life of over 200 days, you can gather critical seismic data without worrying about frequent replacements or interruptions. It’s a reliable and cost-effective choice for all projects.

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