Seisnode – the next generation OBN technology

Introducing Seisnode, the cost-efficient solution for your seismic exploration operations. We are excited to offer you this high-quality seismic ocean bottom node that combines performance and affordability like never before.

With Seisnode’s impressive battery life of over 200 days, you can gather critical seismic data without worrying about frequent replacements or interruptions. It’s a reliable and cost-effective choice for all projects.

Weighing just 6.5 kg in air and boasting a compact design comparable to a wine bottle, Seisnode is easy to handle and deploy in various offshore environments. Its portability ensures efficient logistics and streamlined operations.

With a current depth rating of 1200 m and the upcoming release of our deep-water node variant, Seisnode is designed to meet your evolving needs, no matter the environment.

Rest assured, Seisnode is qualified according to industry standards, including SP188 and UN38.3, ensuring compliance with shipping guidelines for Lithium Ion batteries and the safe transport of dangerous goods. Additionally, its patented data-driven solution for positioning and synchronization ensures precise and synchronized data acquisition.

Optimize your budget without compromising on quality. Choose Seisnode for cost-efficient excellence in your seismic exploration operations and unlock the full potential of your projects.

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